Can the Quality of a Musical Instrument Affect the Performance of an Artist?

Generally, there is a linear relationship between cost and quality of things. This applies also to musical instruments, which means that you get a better or high-quality instrument when you pay more money for it. In turn, high-quality musical instruments will produce better sound and tone quality, a relationship that is also linear. So if you want a better quality of music produced, you will have to spend more money for the musical instrument.


It is very reasonable to expect a relationship between the quality of a musical instrument and its price. It is given that an expensive musical instrument is constructed with superior materials and is finished in a manner that shows great attention to detail. The appearance of an expensive musical instrument can be expected to be flawless, with parts that fit together with exact precision.


However, even with the most expensive musical instrument that is supposed to be of the highest quality, you cannot expect to be a virtuoso player if you do not have the expertise to use it. You still have the responsibility to learn what makes the musical instrument so expensive in order to get the value you expect. Your ability to see and get the value of a musical instrument will depend on how accomplished you are as a musician. When you are already an accomplished musician, your years of experience will teach you what to look for in a quality musical instrument.


This simply means that not all high-quality musical instruments are the same. Some musical instruments could be expensive and considered high quality because they are capable of giving something that other musical instruments cannot give. An accomplished pianist who mastered playing a grand piano may not perform well even if he will be playing the most expensive portable keyboard. Playing the piano gives the musician the flexibility of employing lighter or heavier touch to broaden the range of the tones or to convey emotion.


The durability and playability of a musical instrument, as well as its appearance, are important. Musicians also consider other things that affect the musical instrument, such its finish, embellishments, coloration, and enhancements. It will be inspiring to a musician to play while using a musical instrument that speaks of quality and elegance at first look. It is important for a musician to get the best musical instrument he can afford. After that, it is up to him to ensure that he gets the maximum value from the instrument. He can maximise the value of the instrument if he will do the instructions that great musicians live by – practice, practice, and more practice.


If accomplished musicians are to choose when it comes to the musical instrument they will be playing, beginning musicians or students should have the more compelling reason to get the best possible musical instrument. A beginning musician will gradually gain mastery of an instrument, getting comfortable with the various micro and macro movements of the hand, breath control, coordination, and other activities that are new and awkward at the beginning.


However, he doesn’t get to master status without passing through the training ground first. At some point, a novice artist would do well to work on the best keyboard with weighted keys. This improves dexterity and control as well as trains the hands to play for extended periods – something that musicians do a lot of when they perform.


At this awkward stage of learning, a well-made and high-quality musical instrument, usually available at a premium price, will be easier to learn and play at this early stage and later as he advances in his skills level. Taking a brass instrument as an example, a high-end one will have an almost perfectly formed mouthpiece and nodes that are precisely located in the tubing and fine-tuned for easy playability. A brass instrument of this nature was produced using hands-on craftsmanship, finished after a long time, and provided with the highest level of attention to the finest details, and naturally manufactured at a great cost.


A well-crafted musical instrument encourages the musician to use proper playing techniques. Someone who is learning to play the instrument is training his body to perform critical and complicated movements and developing muscles and tendons that will become accustomed to those movements. A poorly crafted musical instrument may not give the same response and it may encourage poor technique.


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