The Sunlit Youth, The Music To Change The World.


Local Natives is an American rock band sprang from the Silver Lake in California. Their debut album was released in 2009 at U.K. with many positive reviews among the public. The high-strung drumming and guitars with three part harmony are the significance of their sound. The band is literally the fusion of Matt Frazier’s drums, that are the prominent ones, the chorus of Taylor Rice, Kelcey Ayer, and Ryan Hahn which is clear and vivid and also the bassist Nik Ewing.mus1

The Sunlit Youth is not at all the artless expression of innocent melodies and delicate rhythms like that of Gorilla Manor, but it is the music exposed to an aching world that needs to be changed. The Sunlit Youth is vibrant enough and screams to the world to start again daily, and the theme of the album also conveys the message. All the songs carry a zeal and vigour, with big vocals this time. Being expertise in the chorus, Local Natives reckons that the nothing is permanent in this world, even the changes. The charm and cheer of the songs Local Natives dispose of attracting the Californian homes.

Sunlit Youth is all about the wide world opened in front of you. The band says that you are free to live and change the surroundings at your will. Listening to few lines of this album keeps you renewed and motivated. Initial moves of the guitar seem perfectly new, but upon fusion of harmonies, you could feel the natural move of the band.

The album is released in September 2016 with a blend of acoustic and digital guitars and drums cater to the mesmerising feel towards the song. The other songs of the same album are of experimentation than that of feel, focusing on lyrics of the song. Add this great album to your Playlist and enjoy the music.

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