The Wistful Folk-Pop That Sweeps The Audience


The masterpiece of Kenny Anderson’s 2016 soundtrack, magnifies his previous albums Diamond Mine, the collaborative work with John Hopkins and From Scotland With Love of 2011. The album renders a spellbinding fusion of rock-folk with amazing tunes. Apart from that, the music has a beautiful flow of meaningful words, describing love and has mood creating ability. The solo project has chamber orchestra to series of bagpipes.

It has nearly four tracks each speaking the language of love and solitude. The slow murmur of ‘when you need someone to cry’ is a perfect melancholic music. Another one ‘Melin Wynt’ goes with the bagpipes, which is named after a Welch town called ‘windmill’. Anderson’s humour sense is seen throughout the track which takes to different places. The ‘Lovelife’ on the other hand is all about the Flashdance and Scarlett Johansson which do not match other lyrics.
hardyAnderson’s daughter also performed with him on the track ‘Gentle Peter Rabbit Tea’ the title being repeated but shaped with string arrangements. The final track, ‘Rules of Engagement’ is slow and soft, signifies the continuous bitterness between man and woman, which concludes with agony, played by Catrionia McKay backgrounded with Anderson’s voice which eventually gets inaudible.

Unlike other hits of King Creosote’s lyrics, this also exhibits the emotional mix of pain, happiness and heartbreak. The audience gets immersed to deeper levels of heart-warming feel, making the disc worth listening again and again. Sometimes the tracks may feel disorganized as it has the combination pop and melodies, however, Anderson is able to give a punch to the listener’s state of feelings.

To brief up, Astronaut Meets Appleman is a chamber that holds millions of audience at once to feel, love and nurture their passion to its heights. The tracks also show a personal touch to every life. This is believed to be the most popular album in 2016.

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