The Music For Dark Traits: Furnaces


Being referred to as the apocalyptic pop with rippled choruses, Ed Harcort made an elucidating record in his career with the release of ‘Furnaces’. This is the seventh studio album themed at the bold and savage examination of dull aspects of life. The shadowy feel throughout the tracks does not muse all categories of audience.

Here, Harcourt seduces the audience with the luscious melodies, skilfully representing the selfish attitude with its detrimental effects on people and the world indeed. This is a nourishing venture after his long 15 years await, with some of the commercial flops in his career. The Furnaces roots to imbibe the boldest character within a human and flaunt the less attractive community of the society.

some1The long wait from Ed Harcourt’s debut landed at melodies and dark rhythms often mentioned by the public as ‘the big beast’. Undoubtedly it is the song for evils with rising and falling instrumentation that probes every mind into deeper thoughts. The songwriter cum singer highlights insignificance of life in this world through Furnaces, and the lyrics make us escape from violence and suppression.

The track ‘You Give Me More Than Love’ is arranged gorgeously with all the ups and downs in a relationship. The music opens with the slow-building World is on Fire, which is a creative apex of echoed harmonies. The narrator tries to embark on a more soul touching melodies compared to the previous albums.

The lyrics sound unflinching at the start, but as it proceeds we could feel the droopy dejected life that the world comprises of. The writer mentions this as the most ambitious and abrasive classic that thrives people to fight and cry. Harcourt opens the track smoothly, but it is not as sweet as we think until the terrible drums and guitar strings burst into sonic flames.

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