“Take Her Upto Monto” An Attempt To Unique Artistry


Rosin Murphy, an Irish disco-singer turned music writer, is back after a long silence of eight years with ‘Take Her Upto Monto”. Offering a set of nine tracks, it maintains the high quality like that of her previous albums. She is not liked by many of the music companies because she has a unique presentation in her music. While ‘Hairless” toys, all time favourites of all ages was consistent and enjoyable, Take her Upto Monto offers a dramatic shift that showcases the in-depth range of a writer and musician.

The album opens with “Mastermind” which is a disco of her common type and goes into the roars of dance-floors. The lyrics share the common intonation, and the music enlightens the rhythms peppered with major keys and strong vocals of Murphy. Pretty Gardens’ creates confusion to the audience as the tone moves further but ends like how it has begun. ‘Thoughts Wasted’ is the focus of the album with the sounds at its natural touch. Featuring a bit more of disparity, the album incorporates a resonating and regenerating influence to the audience.

Through the come-back, Murphy asserts her identity to last forever on the concerts. Some of her songs remain under the covers due to her over experimentation, coalescence of too many techniques in a single track. Take her Upto Monto propels to the wild strings and beats giving a long lasting feel of the song. Murphy’s songs core lies within her personal experiences and her judgment has been too wide-ranging, challenging to relish the mainstream audience. The album towards the tail-end may sink due to the greater expectation and trials she imparted to the tracks. She is the master of her own course, challenges her audience with her masterpiece. This album re-emerges Murphy, to be one among the top list of artists in the acoustic world.