The Cambridge Folk Festival – A Guide


The 52nd Cambridge Folk Festival, renowned for the quality music alighted from Thursday, 28th July to 31st July 2016 at Cherry Hinton Hall Grounds in Cambridge. The music is nothing else but the traditional folk which speak the contemporary culture of the U.K. The festival was another successful event at pocket-friendly tickets. More than 14000 people from all over the country came all the way to attend the ecstatic festival. The spectators perfectly celebrated the four fun-filled weekends to their heights.

The festival was undoubtedly the crowd puller, many performers were extensively amused with the large swam accompanied them during the stage set. It was not the main template with the audience, the togetherness felt at the premises, singing along with the musicians, encouragement to the newcomers of the concert, all those added cheers to the ceremony.

The first day winds up with performances of an angry Will Varley where activists cheered the crowd with songs relevant to social problems and current events. Young Cornish band Flats & Sharps held some appreciable music in the Club Tent which did not attract the audience due to serious sound problems.

The bright Friday commenced with an open session with Kete Rusby, where she brief up the glimpses of her career. Another performance by a husband and wife at the Daydream Club made the noon hours charming. The play ‘’Little Face” written together when both their mothers were ill. Followed by that was the “Right Place” hold the audience with the loud sound of the band.

The solo of Tunstall raised the spirits to great heights with songs from the albums, ‘Black Horse and Cherry Tree’ and Seven Nation Army’. She was pleased to see the joy of the people together in the tent, appreciated them with her mighty comments. Then Glen Hansard took over space, continue to boost the scene with bluster, taking away even the guitar strings as a sign of love. Saturday highlights were the story about the evolution of Boston four-piece, Darlingside. There was a quick replacement for New York R&B legend due to illness with that of the story again, which surprised the audience.

The outstanding performance with clear voice by Sam Kelly for the third consecutive years’ was the Sunday’s highlight. The weekend ended up cheering every corner of the cityscapes during the entire festival. The folk music remains as a masterpiece in the minds of all gathered at the Cambridge celebration.