Young Talent That Melts The Festival


It’s all about Laura Marling, the young multi-talented singer, and guitarist with an active and clear sound. Her ability to control the voice, brilliant and versatile lyrics skyrocketed her career with her debut album at the age of 18. The remake version of old songs is another highlight of her shows that no one should miss out. The collaborative work with Marika Hackman warms up the Royal Festival Hall. Her lyrics were the expression of the darker side of life, for example, ‘Drown’, ‘Cannibal’, ‘Ophelia’ which tells about life and death, dawn and dusk, and day and night.

Marla has toured with a number of other musicians from the UK and beyond, including Adam Green from the anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches. She performed at the 2007 Wireless Festival and also performed at the first Underage Festival in August 2007 at Victoria Park, East London.Her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim was released on 4 February 2008,[9] and later nominated for the 2008 Mercury Prize.

She creates energy with her band and Topolski sisters as backing vocalists. She smiles to the crowd and they cheer her with a roar of applause. She left the crowd speechless with her ‘How Can I’ from latest album ‘Short Movie’ and ‘Next is Daisy’ tracks. Four more songs were played by her which beat the floors of the Hall. She then moved to melodies that last for more than ten minutes each. I Was An Eagle’, ‘Breathe’, ‘You Know’ and ‘Once’ from album number four to name a few. Most of her plays were the one from her own life experiences. Back to the present, and ‘Short Movie’: ‘Walk Alone’ prefaces a cover, ‘Waiting Around To Die’, by obscure Blues/Country singer Townes van Zandt all were arranged well at the dice. The festival had a promising impact on the gathering with her blissful voice.