Can the Quality of a Musical Instrument Affect the Performance of an Artist?

Generally, there is a linear relationship between cost and quality of things. This applies also to musical instruments, which means that you get a better or high-quality instrument when you pay more money for it. In turn, high-quality musical instruments will produce better sound and tone quality, a relationship that is also linear. So if you want a better quality of music produced, you will have to spend more money for the musical instrument.


It is very reasonable to expect a relationship between the quality of a musical instrument and its price. It is given that an expensive musical instrument is constructed with superior materials and is finished in a manner that shows great attention to detail. The appearance of an expensive musical instrument can be expected to be flawless, with parts that fit together with exact precision.


However, even with the most expensive musical instrument that is supposed to be of the highest quality, you cannot expect to be a virtuoso player if you do not have the expertise to use it. You still have the responsibility to learn what makes the musical instrument so expensive in order to get the value you expect. Your ability to see and get the value of a musical instrument will depend on how accomplished you are as a musician. When you are already an accomplished musician, your years of experience will teach you what to look for in a quality musical instrument.


This simply means that not all high-quality musical instruments are the same. Some musical instruments could be expensive and considered high quality because they are capable of giving something that other musical instruments cannot give. An accomplished pianist who mastered playing a grand piano may not perform well even if he will be playing the most expensive portable keyboard. Playing the piano gives the musician the flexibility of employing lighter or heavier touch to broaden the range of the tones or to convey emotion.


The durability and playability of a musical instrument, as well as its appearance, are important. Musicians also consider other things that affect the musical instrument, such its finish, embellishments, coloration, and enhancements. It will be inspiring to a musician to play while using a musical instrument that speaks of quality and elegance at first look. It is important for a musician to get the best musical instrument he can afford. After that, it is up to him to ensure that he gets the maximum value from the instrument. He can maximise the value of the instrument if he will do the instructions that great musicians live by – practice, practice, and more practice.


If accomplished musicians are to choose when it comes to the musical instrument they will be playing, beginning musicians or students should have the more compelling reason to get the best possible musical instrument. A beginning musician will gradually gain mastery of an instrument, getting comfortable with the various micro and macro movements of the hand, breath control, coordination, and other activities that are new and awkward at the beginning.


However, he doesn’t get to master status without passing through the training ground first. At some point, a novice artist would do well to work on the best keyboard with weighted keys. This improves dexterity and control as well as trains the hands to play for extended periods – something that musicians do a lot of when they perform.


At this awkward stage of learning, a well-made and high-quality musical instrument, usually available at a premium price, will be easier to learn and play at this early stage and later as he advances in his skills level. Taking a brass instrument as an example, a high-end one will have an almost perfectly formed mouthpiece and nodes that are precisely located in the tubing and fine-tuned for easy playability. A brass instrument of this nature was produced using hands-on craftsmanship, finished after a long time, and provided with the highest level of attention to the finest details, and naturally manufactured at a great cost.


A well-crafted musical instrument encourages the musician to use proper playing techniques. Someone who is learning to play the instrument is training his body to perform critical and complicated movements and developing muscles and tendons that will become accustomed to those movements. A poorly crafted musical instrument may not give the same response and it may encourage poor technique.


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Folk Dancing – the Fun Way to Get into Shape

folk-dance-54530_640Folk dances or traditional dances reflect the life of certain groups of people. They tell a story about their daily lives and activities. These dances show how people interact with one another. By just looking at these folk dances, you will understand why they act a certain way and why they believe in certain customs and traditions.


Back then, you can just sit down and watch while being amazed as they dance their hearts out. Now, you can learn their culture and at the same time, use it to lose weight and stay in shape.


Nature of folk dances


These dances contain moves that are out of the usual. Some of them are weird and others are extremely technical. You don’t usually see them in other forms of dances. In short, you have to put lots of efforts if you wish to learn these dances.

Understanding the meaning


Before you even decide to use folk dances as weight loss techniques, you need to understand first that they are considered sacred by that particular group of people. They don’t do it just for fun. These dances are a reflection of their identity. Therefore, aside from learning how to execute the moves properly, you also have to learn the meaning of each move. They contain important meanings that you need to be familiar of.


Dance your heart out


Once you have fully understood the dances and you have someone teaching you how to dance them well, you can now start dancing at folk festivals. Focus on more difficult steps. You also have to keep repeating the actions up until you have mastered them. Before you know it, you have already shed off extra pounds and have gotten in shape. It would also be more fun if you invite your friends to join you. As weird as the moves might look like, they are actually fun when you are the one executing them.


After practicing, you can get back home and check out the best home elliptical machine. You might also love this machine as it can help you achieve your desired body shape.

The Sunlit Youth, The Music To Change The World.


Local Natives is an American rock band sprang from the Silver Lake in California. Their debut album was released in 2009 at U.K. with many positive reviews among the public. The high-strung drumming and guitars with three part harmony are the significance of their sound. The band is literally the fusion of Matt Frazier’s drums, that are the prominent ones, the chorus of Taylor Rice, Kelcey Ayer, and Ryan Hahn which is clear and vivid and also the bassist Nik Ewing.mus1

The Sunlit Youth is not at all the artless expression of innocent melodies and delicate rhythms like that of Gorilla Manor, but it is the music exposed to an aching world that needs to be changed. The Sunlit Youth is vibrant enough and screams to the world to start again daily, and the theme of the album also conveys the message. All the songs carry a zeal and vigour, with big vocals this time. Being expertise in the chorus, Local Natives reckons that the nothing is permanent in this world, even the changes. The charm and cheer of the songs Local Natives dispose of attracting the Californian homes.

Sunlit Youth is all about the wide world opened in front of you. The band says that you are free to live and change the surroundings at your will. Listening to few lines of this album keeps you renewed and motivated. Initial moves of the guitar seem perfectly new, but upon fusion of harmonies, you could feel the natural move of the band.

The album is released in September 2016 with a blend of acoustic and digital guitars and drums cater to the mesmerising feel towards the song. The other songs of the same album are of experimentation than that of feel, focusing on lyrics of the song. Add this great album to your Playlist and enjoy the music.

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The Wistful Folk-Pop That Sweeps The Audience


The masterpiece of Kenny Anderson’s 2016 soundtrack, magnifies his previous albums Diamond Mine, the collaborative work with John Hopkins and From Scotland With Love of 2011. The album renders a spellbinding fusion of rock-folk with amazing tunes. Apart from that, the music has a beautiful flow of meaningful words, describing love and has mood creating ability. The solo project has chamber orchestra to series of bagpipes.

It has nearly four tracks each speaking the language of love and solitude. The slow murmur of ‘when you need someone to cry’ is a perfect melancholic music. Another one ‘Melin Wynt’ goes with the bagpipes, which is named after a Welch town called ‘windmill’. Anderson’s humour sense is seen throughout the track which takes to different places. The ‘Lovelife’ on the other hand is all about the Flashdance and Scarlett Johansson which do not match other lyrics.
hardyAnderson’s daughter also performed with him on the track ‘Gentle Peter Rabbit Tea’ the title being repeated but shaped with string arrangements. The final track, ‘Rules of Engagement’ is slow and soft, signifies the continuous bitterness between man and woman, which concludes with agony, played by Catrionia McKay backgrounded with Anderson’s voice which eventually gets inaudible.

Unlike other hits of King Creosote’s lyrics, this also exhibits the emotional mix of pain, happiness and heartbreak. The audience gets immersed to deeper levels of heart-warming feel, making the disc worth listening again and again. Sometimes the tracks may feel disorganized as it has the combination pop and melodies, however, Anderson is able to give a punch to the listener’s state of feelings.

To brief up, Astronaut Meets Appleman is a chamber that holds millions of audience at once to feel, love and nurture their passion to its heights. The tracks also show a personal touch to every life. This is believed to be the most popular album in 2016.

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The Music For Dark Traits: Furnaces


Being referred to as the apocalyptic pop with rippled choruses, Ed Harcort made an elucidating record in his career with the release of ‘Furnaces’. This is the seventh studio album themed at the bold and savage examination of dull aspects of life. The shadowy feel throughout the tracks does not muse all categories of audience.

Here, Harcourt seduces the audience with the luscious melodies, skilfully representing the selfish attitude with its detrimental effects on people and the world indeed. This is a nourishing venture after his long 15 years await, with some of the commercial flops in his career. The Furnaces roots to imbibe the boldest character within a human and flaunt the less attractive community of the society.

some1The long wait from Ed Harcourt’s debut landed at melodies and dark rhythms often mentioned by the public as ‘the big beast’. Undoubtedly it is the song for evils with rising and falling instrumentation that probes every mind into deeper thoughts. The songwriter cum singer highlights insignificance of life in this world through Furnaces, and the lyrics make us escape from violence and suppression.

The track ‘You Give Me More Than Love’ is arranged gorgeously with all the ups and downs in a relationship. The music opens with the slow-building World is on Fire, which is a creative apex of echoed harmonies. The narrator tries to embark on a more soul touching melodies compared to the previous albums.

The lyrics sound unflinching at the start, but as it proceeds we could feel the droopy dejected life that the world comprises of. The writer mentions this as the most ambitious and abrasive classic that thrives people to fight and cry. Harcourt opens the track smoothly, but it is not as sweet as we think until the terrible drums and guitar strings burst into sonic flames.

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“Take Her Upto Monto” An Attempt To Unique Artistry


Rosin Murphy, an Irish disco-singer turned music writer, is back after a long silence of eight years with ‘Take Her Upto Monto”. Offering a set of nine tracks, it maintains the high quality like that of her previous albums. She is not liked by many of the music companies because she has a unique presentation in her music. While ‘Hairless” toys, all time favourites of all ages was consistent and enjoyable, Take her Upto Monto offers a dramatic shift that showcases the in-depth range of a writer and musician.

The album opens with “Mastermind” which is a disco of her common type and goes into the roars of dance-floors. The lyrics share the common intonation, and the music enlightens the rhythms peppered with major keys and strong vocals of Murphy. Pretty Gardens’ creates confusion to the audience as the tone moves further but ends like how it has begun. ‘Thoughts Wasted’ is the focus of the album with the sounds at its natural touch. Featuring a bit more of disparity, the album incorporates a resonating and regenerating influence to the audience.

Through the come-back, Murphy asserts her identity to last forever on the concerts. Some of her songs remain under the covers due to her over experimentation, coalescence of too many techniques in a single track. Take her Upto Monto propels to the wild strings and beats giving a long lasting feel of the song. Murphy’s songs core lies within her personal experiences and her judgment has been too wide-ranging, challenging to relish the mainstream audience. The album towards the tail-end may sink due to the greater expectation and trials she imparted to the tracks. She is the master of her own course, challenges her audience with her masterpiece. This album re-emerges Murphy, to be one among the top list of artists in the acoustic world.

The Cambridge Folk Festival – A Guide


The 52nd Cambridge Folk Festival, renowned for the quality music alighted from Thursday, 28th July to 31st July 2016 at Cherry Hinton Hall Grounds in Cambridge. The music is nothing else but the traditional folk which speak the contemporary culture of the U.K. The festival was another successful event at pocket-friendly tickets. More than 14000 people from all over the country came all the way to attend the ecstatic festival. The spectators perfectly celebrated the four fun-filled weekends to their heights.

The festival was undoubtedly the crowd puller, many performers were extensively amused with the large swam accompanied them during the stage set. It was not the main template with the audience, the togetherness felt at the premises, singing along with the musicians, encouragement to the newcomers of the concert, all those added cheers to the ceremony.

The first day winds up with performances of an angry Will Varley where activists cheered the crowd with songs relevant to social problems and current events. Young Cornish band Flats & Sharps held some appreciable music in the Club Tent which did not attract the audience due to serious sound problems.

The bright Friday commenced with an open session with Kete Rusby, where she brief up the glimpses of her career. Another performance by a husband and wife at the Daydream Club made the noon hours charming. The play ‘’Little Face” written together when both their mothers were ill. Followed by that was the “Right Place” hold the audience with the loud sound of the band.

The solo of Tunstall raised the spirits to great heights with songs from the albums, ‘Black Horse and Cherry Tree’ and Seven Nation Army’. She was pleased to see the joy of the people together in the tent, appreciated them with her mighty comments. Then Glen Hansard took over space, continue to boost the scene with bluster, taking away even the guitar strings as a sign of love. Saturday highlights were the story about the evolution of Boston four-piece, Darlingside. There was a quick replacement for New York R&B legend due to illness with that of the story again, which surprised the audience.

The outstanding performance with clear voice by Sam Kelly for the third consecutive years’ was the Sunday’s highlight. The weekend ended up cheering every corner of the cityscapes during the entire festival. The folk music remains as a masterpiece in the minds of all gathered at the Cambridge celebration.

Young Talent That Melts The Festival


It’s all about Laura Marling, the young multi-talented singer, and guitarist with an active and clear sound. Her ability to control the voice, brilliant and versatile lyrics skyrocketed her career with her debut album at the age of 18. The remake version of old songs is another highlight of her shows that no one should miss out. The collaborative work with Marika Hackman warms up the Royal Festival Hall. Her lyrics were the expression of the darker side of life, for example, ‘Drown’, ‘Cannibal’, ‘Ophelia’ which tells about life and death, dawn and dusk, and day and night.

Marla has toured with a number of other musicians from the UK and beyond, including Adam Green from the anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches. She performed at the 2007 Wireless Festival and also performed at the first Underage Festival in August 2007 at Victoria Park, East London.Her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim was released on 4 February 2008,[9] and later nominated for the 2008 Mercury Prize.

She creates energy with her band and Topolski sisters as backing vocalists. She smiles to the crowd and they cheer her with a roar of applause. She left the crowd speechless with her ‘How Can I’ from latest album ‘Short Movie’ and ‘Next is Daisy’ tracks. Four more songs were played by her which beat the floors of the Hall. She then moved to melodies that last for more than ten minutes each. I Was An Eagle’, ‘Breathe’, ‘You Know’ and ‘Once’ from album number four to name a few. Most of her plays were the one from her own life experiences. Back to the present, and ‘Short Movie’: ‘Walk Alone’ prefaces a cover, ‘Waiting Around To Die’, by obscure Blues/Country singer Townes van Zandt all were arranged well at the dice. The festival had a promising impact on the gathering with her blissful voice.